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Metals New Zealand is regularly researching industry views on matters relating to its portfolio as the over-arching industry association of the metals industry and advocates this view to Government and other stakeholders. Typical areas covered are R&D policy, local procurement, drive for export or productivity improvement.

Metals NZ's Position on Public Policy can be found HERE. This document provides an overview of the position of Metals New Zealand's members on government issues and policies. Its intent is to:
- Inform policy makers of key issues facing our industries
- Seek support on political alterations to improve the ease of doing business
- Help the Government achieve its economic growth goals

The metals-based industry is actively involved with and supports many other industries, such as food processing, energy generation, agriculture and construction. As such, industry-specific figures are difficult to pinpoint, but 2010 estimates are:
- Contributes over 7% to Annual NZ GDP
- Direct metals-based product manufacturing employs more than 26,000 people
- Over $7.3 billion worth of metals-based product manufactured annually
- More than $2.6 billion of product exported, representing 5.6% of total NZ exports