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Securing Our Industry Future

Michelle Boag, Strategic Communications Adviser to Metals NZ
Following the Metals Industry Conference in May in Tauranga, a programme of activities was agreed to move the industry forward in terms of achieving its goals around procurement, engagement and communication.

The programme of activities is now under way and comprises the following elements:

Key Messages
The key principles of the NZ Metals Industry are:
- Innovation
- Fairness
- Trust
- Transparency

Identification of Key Stakeholders
Key stakeholders at a government, industry and community level have been identified and they will all be incorporated into a planned Stakeholder Communications programme which has been developed by the Metals New Zealand industry group.

Stakeholder Communications Programme
A comprehensive programme has been developed with the following components:
- Events, seminars and workshops for training and educational purposes
- Internal communications resources
- External media activity and
- One-to-one engagement with procurers and main contractors
- Member communication
- Monitoring and updates on Government Procurement Reform
- Education on balanced decision making processes
- Consistent key message material for member websites

Case Studies
Appropriate case studies are being developed as examples to stakeholders of how to minimise risk of failure, what can go wrong and how it can be fixed when overseas procurement fails to deliver the required outcome.

Feedback or comments on this material is welcome and you can contactthe Director.