Government Rules of Sourcing Extension

As of 1st February, the Government Rules of Sourcing applies to a further 103 agencies including Crown Agents, such as DHBs and independent and autonomous Crown entities.

The Rules help ensure the expenditure of public funds is done transparently, openly and in the interests of fair competition. They also create consistency of procurement practice across government agencies - making it easier for businesses to work with government.

Metals NZ has been advocating for a full & fast implementation of the new procurement policy & rules with a particular emphasis on balanced decision making. It is our belief that, given balanced decision making, our member companies can compete with import competition for its share of the $39b spend each year and in doing so, provide the best economic, social and environmental outcomes for New Zealand.

On the issue of balanced decision making, we are hearing and seeing little evidence that this is in fact happening, so we must continue to lobby hard.

In the next few weeks, Metals NZ will be offering some tendering workshops to members which will be delivered by a very credible agency. We do need to start driving the balanced decision making agenda back up the supply chain via pertinent information in our industry tenders.

Some businesses will simply want to attend to look to improve on their current tender quality and this is good. But others will want to start to look at better alignment when tendering with the information needed by procurers to make procurement decisions in full consideration of economic, social and environmental impacts, and not just lowest price/cost decisions.

The first programme will be run before the end of March in Auckland followed by Christchurch and, if the membership is finding these of value, we will go to the smaller centres.