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Metals Week 2015

Promoting Our Industry…….

Metals Week 2015

The health of our industry is important to NZ and to help attract the positive support of policy makers and other industry stakeholders, we do need to keep promoting who we are and what we do.

With this in mind, a small group of people are currently working on the concept & marketing plan for creating an event next year spanning across the week of 31st August - 6th September 2015 to be branded Metals Week 2015.

 The core events towards the end of the week will be the traditional member events…..

(1) Steel Innovations Conference

(2) Metals NZ Conference

(3) Awards Gala Dinner

We are planning to run a 35+ stall Industry Exhibition overlapping with the two conferences as well as building into the week, two other objectives. They are:

(1)      Some public interaction will help our profile.

(2)      Events of various kinds staged around the country during the week, tagged as part of Metals Week that would maximize our industry membership involvement and public profile, promoting our  industry as being connected and of scale.

To facilitate our planned activities over a number of days, we have chosen an Auckland CBD location; the Aotea Centre, Aotea Square and The Town Hall. We plan to have the Industry Awards Gala Dinner in the Auckland Town Hall on the Friday evening with just under 400 seats only available.


We will be canvassing for events through Metals NZ member associations to build the finite list of events that would round out the week.

To make such an event possible, sponsorship will be crucial and we call upon industry members to show their support for both Metals NZ and this groundbreaking event. The goal of Metals NZ is to showcase the industry and its contributions to the economy and its role in building a stronger country.

There will be various levels of sponsorship available, so please put this event into your calendar and next year’s budget. The Industry Exhibition is also a form of sponsorship, as well as an opportunity to showcase your company and products.

We have indications from a number of Metals NZ member associations that they would align events with this period, and so at this early stage there is a lot of interest in what can be achieved.

We will keep you informed of progress with the plan.