Free New Zealand BIM Handbook Now Out

The New Zealand BIM Handbook was launched by the Productivity Partnership at the Auckland Infrastructure and Procurement Forum last month.

The BIM Handbook draws on the best of best BIM practice around the world but is tailored to the specific needs of our building and construction sector:
- Driven by the New Zealand industry
- Shaped by the New Zealand industry
- Written in a way that reflects how we do things here.

BIM is described as a collaboration tool enabled by technology. What is exciting is its potential to be an industry game changer. Overseas experience with BIM points to productivity gains of up to 20% when it is an integral part of the construction process. The BIM Handbook establishes a consistent approach to using BIM across New Zealand.

In response to industry feedback, the Handbook is packaged into a main document and eight separate appendices including briefing templates and examples.

This free resource has been developed by the BIM Acceleration Committee, a voluntary industry and Government initiative, with the support of BRANZ and the Partnership.

To make it easy for you to access information about BIM, including tools such as the Handbook, a BIM in NZ page was created on the Partnership’s web site. Download your free copy at