National Construction Pipeline Report Released

Pacifecon (NZ) Ltd, with the support of BRANZ, has been commissioned by the Building and Construction Productivity Partnership (the Productivity Partnership) to forecast national construction demand for the next six years ending March 2019.1

This report is derived from both known project and forecast data. It includes graphs and commentary on future building and construction. It is also a source of general information for any group or individual connected or concerned with the future of the building and construction sector in New Zealand.

For ease of reading ‘years’ are the twelve months beginning April of the year (unless otherwise stated) ie 2013 is the year from April 2013 to March 2014.
Quarters are of the calendar year referred to, ie 2013 Q3 is the quarter from July to September 2013.

Fixed capital formation has been used as a common basis for estimating the value of forecasts. This will include a wider range of construction related costs (eg, design, planning, and legal costs). Therefore these forecasts may appear ‘high’ compared with other forecasts.

For the full report, click HERE.